| 6 December 2021, Monday |

Sukkarieh: After two years of blackmail.. drug mafia strikes

Head of the National Health Authority, “Health is Right and Dignity,” former MP Ismail Sukkarieh, commented on lifting subsidies on medicine by saying: “Finally, the drug mafia stroke its severe blow, after two years of blackmailing people’s health by depriving them of their medicines, with the complicity, participation and silence of all those entrusted with the decision. “.
Sukkarieh added: “Like all other exacerbating living massacres, it is part of a scheme to bring the country to its knees, to its decision that is falsely called “Sovereign”, in a move that is deprived of all ethics, principles, justice, humanity and others. It is a destiny that was drawn by the outside and executed by the people of the inside, but this darkness must pass.”
He concluded: “Congratulations to everyone who contributed to corruption, from the simplest position to the highest.”