| 24 October 2021, Sunday |

Surprising subsidy lifting, a new gas crisis.

Head of workers and distributor’s union of the gas and its supplies in Lebanon sector, Farid Zainoun, revealed in a statement, That “ gas filling companies have been closed since yesterday noon and they do not deliver gas bottles to distributors, and therefore the process of distributing domestic gas is suspended, and the reason for the closure is due to the price installation schedule issued by the Ministry of Energy, which set the price of a gas flask on the exchange rate of 17,000 Lebanese pounds. But Banque du Liban announced a complete lifting of subsidy, which cause a huge loss for the companies that sold its stock at an exchange rate of 17,000, while the dollar recorded 19,500.” addind” we call upon all relative parties to find a quick solution, so we will not be back to witness a black-market for gas.”