| 27 September 2022, Tuesday |

Swedish Embassy donates 200 waterproof and fire-resistant suits, gloves, protective eyewear to Lebanon’s Civil Defense

The Director General of the Lebanese Civil Defence, General Raymond Khattar, received in his office on Tuesday morning the Ambassador of Sweden to Lebanon, Ms. Ann Dismorr, and the Director of the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Lebanese Cabinet, Mr. Zahi Chahine.

As part of efforts to improve the capabilities of Lebanese firefighters to respond to emergencies, Ambassador Dismorr delivered a donation from Sweden to the Lebanese Civil Defence, in coordination with the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Cabinet Presidency, consisting of waterproof and fire-resistant suits (over 200 work uniforms, gloves and eyewear) for the benefit of Lebanese Civil Defence mountain centres, where rescue and snow shovelling operations continue during the harsh winter season.

In her remarks, Ambassador Dismorr said that she was “proud of this contribution from Sweden to improve the equipment of the Lebanese Civil Defence” and hopes that “this in-kind donation will boost civil defence capacity to respond to emergencies and save lives during a very challenging time”. Ambassador Dismorr also mentioned that “the delivery of this type of equipment, comes at a time when they are critically needed here in Lebanon”.

At the end of the visit, different samples of the delivery were presented, and General Khattar expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Dismorr, praising this kind gesture from Sweden towards the Lebanese Civil Defence.

  • NNA