| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Syndicate of photojournalists: The assault on colleagues is brutal and unjustified

The head of the Press Photojournalists Syndicate, Aziz Taher, condemned, in a statement, “the assault on fellow photographers and media professionals while carrying out their professional duties, instead of facilitating their task”.

He called on the leadership of the fire brigade to “punish the perpetrators and hold them accountable for all the moral and material damage suffered by colleagues: journalist Salah Fattouh from LBC, photographers: Hossam Shabaro, Mustafa Jamal al-Din, Fadel Itani, Bilal Hussein and Bilal Jweish, from An-Nahar, Nidaa al-Watan, Al Modon, AP and China Agency”.

He said: “With our respect for the role of the fire brigade and its sacrifices, but we strongly reject and condemn the brutal and unjustified attack by members of the Beirut Fire Brigade, which is supposed to facilitate our colleagues work and protect them. The visit of the international football player Ronaldinho turned into an unjustified and unacceptable attack on photographers and media professionals”.

He appealed to the concerned authorities to “expose and punish the aggressors,” noting that “the assault on press and media photographers, especially as they perform their professional duty and cover movements on the ground, cannot be justified, and we will not remain silent about the aggressors, we will pursue them and reveal their identities.”

He wished a speedy recovery to the colleagues who were attacked, putting all the union capabilities ‎ at their disposal.


  • Sawt Beirut International