| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Syndicate of Poultry Farmers: The Ministry of Agriculture did not detect Colistin on chicken

The Secretary of the Syndicate of Poultry Farmers, William Boutros, affirmed that “the Authorities in the Government, especially the Ministry of Agriculture, did not detect any effect of Colistin in the laboratory tests carried out on a large number of samples of Poultry meat, feces and eggs from farms located in Lebanon”, pointing out that “Colistin is considered a substance permitted to be used under restrictions like most medicines in Europe and worldwide.”

In a statement, William Boutros refected his astonishment for “throwing out accusations haphazardly, especially that there are children from nurseries who were detected with e.coli bacteria, to find out that they carry mcr genes”. Linking the present issue to Poultry consumption, Boutros affirmed: “Logically, it is inconceivable that six-month-old children are consuming chicken. Poultry meat is cooked at high temperatures, so it cannot be the direct source of the mutated bacteria”, believing that “spreading unconfirmed news could harm society and Poultry Farmers, especially that we live in difficult and harsh condition”.

“My statement is a response to what was published on Media, claiming that about 18% of Lebanese children are embracing anti-inflammatory bacteria, due to the excessive use of Colistin in chicken farms in Lebanon”, added Boutros.


  • Sawt Beirut International