| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Syndicate of Public Transport Workers to strike on Thursday

The Syndicate of Public Transport Workers are going to strike on June 17,  and called on workers in the public transport departments to actively participate in the gatherings determined by the General Labor Union in all governorates and regions.”

The Syndicate indicated in a statement: “The Syndicate of Public Transportation workers will participate in the strike which was announced by General Labor Union, Syndicates, and Public administrations have called for a strike on Thursday, June 17.”

The statement added: “We have to raise our voices amid the deterioration of the political, living, financial, and economic conditions, and the systematic destruction of state institutions, especially public transportation.” The private sector have proved his failure in managing transportation, and the government has ignored the sector for several years, and filed to set a revival plan to activate the railway and transport sector.  it is the failed alternative to joint transportation.

The statement said that amid the shortage in fuel, surge in its prices, and merchant’s monopoly,  public transportation remain the safest for citizens, and sole solution for all the hurdles facing citizens in light of the government’s total absence.

  • Sawt Beirut International