| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Syndicate of Restaurants: “All suppliers and service providers should receive their dues in local currency”

The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs, and Pastries has appealed to the unions, service providers, and suppliers to receive their due in Lebanese pounds, and to consider the tough financial conditions the country is going through.

The Syndicate announced in a statement: “Due to the continuous fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar against the lira, some of the suppliers, property owners, lawyers, control commissioners, marketing companies and others that colleagues in the sector deal with to operate their institutions, are demanding that all or some of their dues be paid in fresh dollars.”

The statement added: “In this regard, we would like to make it clear that we, as tourist institutions, collect our money in Lebanese pounds only and at prices that are not parallel to the non-fixed exchange rates. We do not have the dollar; therefore, we are unable to meet such demands.”

The syndicate said: “Therefore, we appeal to the unions and those responsible for those parties to fulfill their rights in LBP, and to consider the tough financial conditions that the country is going through, especially that our money and capital is trapped in Lebanese banks.”

  • Sawt Beirut International