| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Syrians smuggled on foot into Lebanon

The General Directorate of State Security, Information, Guidance and Public Relations Department, announced that after collecting data about smuggling people on foot, from Syria to Lebanon between the towns of Shadra and Al-Khalsa in Akkar, they are then transferred to Tripoli and Beirut by small buses, and as a result of monitoring and follow-up, one of the patrols was able to arrest a Hyundai van at the Knise crossing in the town of Shadra, and inside it was the Lebanese driver (AM), eight men, two women and four children, all of Syrian nationality.

The directorate revealed in a statement that the patrol was also able to arrest the Lebanese (H.F), who was working to secure the crossing of the Syrians and take them to public road on foot. The statement indicated that the last Hyundai van managed to escape, and then it was found with another four-wheel drive vehicle without anyone inside, with the support of a patrol of the 1st Land Border Regiment. Legal requirement has been taken against them based on a judicial signal.