| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

“The ball is in people’s court,” says Gemayel

Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel said at the general conference of the Kataeb electoral machine: “We have reached the awaited elections, which we need to fight with all our might; in the past, they succeeded in cheating the people and won the elections, but Lebanon lost; this time they must lose in order for the country to win.”

He added: “Hezbollah continues to fly drones, and no one says anything because the decision is with the party, and not with the state; they preferred to stick to their chairs and watched the country collapse without doing anything.”

Gemayel said: “After 4 years of elections and 8 years of settlement, they reached a collapsing country and handed it over to Hezbollah; they destroyed our lives and economy, hit people’s ability to live, devaluated the Lebanese pound, and spent our money; they could have spared us 3 years of humiliation had they accepted early parliamentary elections.”

“Confrontation takes place through ballot boxes, and our project is ready to be implemented to take Lebanon forward; the ball is in the people’s court today, and the solution is accountability and choosing the “right alternative”,” he added.

He said that the battle against the Kataeb Party in dark rooms is unprecedented in Lebanon’s history, but we are the strongest through our faith in Lebanon and the cause.”

Gemayel said that the starved us to control us, and today the counter-revolution must confront them with elections and at the polls because it is the only place where they cannot control us; if we all say the truth, we can reach change because Lebanon is our country, and we are able to save it and its economy.

He added: “We did not reach this situation by chance, but because of those who committed mistakes and bankrupted the country; we have to hold them accountable and not acquit them; we were alone before October 17 and separated between the regime and the opposition since then.”

Gemayel said: “Change requires sacrifice, so whoever fights the battle must be ready to sacrifice in order to win the battle, and we proved that in Batroun; we are the sovereign change project, and the goal is to unite by confronting the system to take Lebanon to a new stage.”

Gemayel said: “I address all Kataeb comrades in provinces and departments and in the diaspora to tell them that the responsibility is huge; we have three months in which sleep is forbidden, and I call on all the Lebanese and forces that have the same goal to put their hand in ours to break the fear they are trying to put among us in order to confront fraud.”



  • Sawt Beirut International