| 19 April 2024, Friday |

The Economy: We warn professionals against taking illegal measures that harm consumers

The Ministry of Economy and Trade stated, “All professionals working in the retail domain include the content of the Consumer Protection Law that gives the consumer the right to benefit from a fair and non-discriminatory treatment by the professional. It is also prohibited for the professional to suspend the sale of a commodity or the provision of a service on the purchase of a specific quantity or other good or service Accordingly, we warn all professionals against resorting to any illegal measures that harm the interests of consumers

The ministry confirmed in a statement that “the teams of the Consumer Protection Directorate and the regional interests are making daily rounds at the various points of sale.

The Ministry wished the honorable consumers “cooperation by not rushing to buy large quantities of consumable materials, which negatively affects the supply chain. Emphasizing that it will spare no effort to preserve their protection from monopoly and fraud, a reminder to the means of communication to submit complaints 24/24 through the hotline 1739 , and downloading the application of consumer protection on their smart phones.