| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

The government approves the ministerial statement with minor amendments

The cabinet session ended in Baabda Palace and the new government unanimously approved the ministerial statement, after making minor amendments to it.

The ministerial statement was approved with the reform of the banking sector and restructuring where necessary, and the statement affirmed cooperation between the government and Parliament with regard to knowing the truth about the port explosion on the point related to immunities.

In the ministerial statement, the government pledged to hold the elections on their constitutional dates, and stressed the cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives with everything required to reach the truth about the explosion of the port.

In this context, Information Minister George Kordahi confirmed about the entry of Iranian oil trucks that we did not address the issue because the session was dedicated to approving the ministerial statement, and as Minister of Information, I cannot announce the government’s position on this issue.

Regarding the petrol queues, Kordahi explained that the statement stipulates alleviating people’s suffering, and this is a priority, and no decision has been taken to lift fuel subsidies.

The Cabinet convened at Baabda Palace at 4:00 p.m. today, headed by President Michel Aoun, and in the presence of Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the ministers.

The Council of Ministers discussed the draft ministerial statement as prepared by the Ministerial Committee for discussion and approval in its final form, in preparation for a request for the confidence of the House of Representatives on its basis.

Aoun thanked the members of the ministerial committee in charge of drafting the ministerial statement for their tireless work and cooperation to complete the draft statement, pointing out that “speed reflects seriousness and perseverance to implement the required tasks.”

At the beginning of the cabinet session, he wished everyone to “adopt this pattern of work, productivity and cooperation,” noting that it is one of the first reasons for success, especially since the situation is very stressful and time is precious.

For his part, Prime Minister Najib Mikati focused at the beginning of the cabinet session on the atmosphere of cooperation that prevailed among the members of the ministerial committee that drafted the ministerial statement, recalling the permanent need for solidarity to achieve the required productivity for the government, and thanked the members of the committee and the ministers who participated in the cooperation they showed, hoping that This spirit always prevails for the good of Lebanon.

The session was preceded by a meeting between Presidents Aoun and Mikati, during which they discussed the developments.

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