| 27 May 2024, Monday |

The health care system in Lebanon can be reformed, Abiad says

The Director General of Rafik Hariri University Hospital Dr. Firas Abiad said on his Twitter account that the tragic incident in Akkar increased pressure on hospitals, however, they responded in an efficient way.

He added that the Geitaoui Hospital, which was partially damaged during the Beirut explosion and then rehabilitated, along with Al Salam Hospital in Tripoli took the lead in treating the injured in their burn centers.

He added: “The ability of hospitals to absorb shocks and meet the new needs, after the explosion of Beirut, or Akkar, gives hope that the state of our health care system is still repairable. The pressures are enormous, but the core elements are still efficient.”

Abiad added that the explosion revealed some disadvantages, as “Saida Turkish Trauma and Burn Hospital, after 10 years of being fully equipped, has not yet received a single patient, and this reflects the administrative and political obstacles facing the management of public health care institutions.”

“The delivery of health care services in Lebanon mainly to needy people still faces huge challenges. However, the health system retains solid capacity and adaptability, which gives hope that with appropriate support, access to health services can be secured for all.”

  • Sawt Beirut International