| 5 December 2021, Sunday |

The Industrial sector, along with citizens are at risk in Lebanon, Choucair says

The Head of the Economic Bodies, former Minister Mohammad Choucair, wrote on his Twitter page: “It is too sad that two years have passed and the country is in the midst of the most severe economic crisis, while the authority has not taken any single measure to curb this collapse. But on the contrary, it squandered the Central Bank’s foreign reserves and prevented funds from flowing to the country, after it refrained from paying the Eurobond bonds.”

Today, the scene is repeated as banks, tourists and traders have been dealt a blow, and a large part of the Lebanese are seeking immigration.

“Three weeks have passed while the country is experiencing the worst diplomatic rift with the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. This crisis is threatening of a further economic collapse and more deterioration to the industrial sector, and again no action has been taken to address the crisis,” Choucair said.

Based on that: The industry is in danger, the Lebanese people and whole country is in danger.”