| 4 July 2022, Monday |

The Lebanon Water Corporation announces the start of a severe rationing program

The Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Corporation announced, in a statement, “The shortage of diesel, the steady rise in prices, and the extensive power cuts are basic factors that limit the ability of pumping stations to provide water supply. from aggravation.

The pumping stations operate at minimum capacity, knowing that any malfunction in their generators requires securing sums of hard currency, whether to purchase spare parts or to pay repair bills. It is known that malfunctions in this area are repeated at a time when hard currency is not available to the institution.

Accordingly, the Corporation will be forced to start adopting a severe and severe rationing program, especially on coastal areas that are fed with water from pumping stations operating on generators or electricity when available. The Foundation hopes that the general situation will improve, because the continuation of the situation as it is may lead to a complete depletion of the ability to feed with water to the point of complete interruption!

The Foundation expresses great regret for the paralysis that creeps into it despite the great improvement in the water supply in recent years thanks to the recent rainy seasons and the installations that have been completed. Now the budget allocated to fuel, knowing that donors had provided commendable support in this field, but it was not sustainable while we are on the threshold of the summer season, during which the need for water increases.”

  • Sawt Beirut International