| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

The National Bloc after meeting Le Drian: We affirmed adherence to an independent rescue government

The “Lebanese National Bloc” party announced in a statement that it “participated, represented by Secretary General Pierre Issa, in the meeting yesterday, which brought together French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with the opposition parties and change groups, in response to an invitation addressed to them by the French embassy.”

While the “party” appreciated ” France’s concern towards the Lebanese issue,” the Secretary-General affirmed during the meeting the party’s adherence to the demand of a transitional independent government as an entry point to stop the economic and financial collapse and to prepare for a transparent and modern parliamentary election system. It reiterated the demand that those responsible for the August 4 crime should be held accountable.

The party pointed out, “Those who participated in this meeting were unanimous regarding  the system’s inability to assume responsibility for repairing the systematic destruction and its continuing criminality of the right of the Lebanese to their lives, security and property.

And based on the principle of sovereignty and transparency in all our international and Arab relations, the party affirmed its eagerness to restore Lebanon to a pioneering role that deserves it among countries, and that this will not be possible until the international cover is removed from the entire political system and its lacking legitimacy.