| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

The “Nuh” Foundation supports the Lebanese people with medicines and medical supplies

A shipment of medicines and medical supplies brought by the “Nuh” Foundation from the United States of America in partnership with non-governmental organizations arrived at Rafic Hariri International Airport, in order to complete the steps it started to stand by the Lebanese people and help them at all levels, health, economic and social.

The Nuh Foundation, headed by Mrs. Hassna Hariri, made the project possible by providing a generous grant to guarantee the cost of shipping 25 pallets. The US Embassy in Beirut also supported the humanitarian relief project, through Lebanese-American coordination so that the Lebanese people benefit.

Drs. Francois and Micheline Nader, Jesra Foundation, generously donated to the logistics costs. People to People Aid and the Lebanon Relief Project will distribute in cooperation with other NGO’s to distribute the recipients

The shipment, consists of, various PPEs and sutures, as well as a host of widely used medications and related equipment totals 25 pallets. Certain Over the counter medications along with PPe’s  were donated by  Texas Children’s Hospital. and are destined to AUBMC.

Additional Medications, PPE’s and wide varieties of Sutures were assembled and donated by World Medical Relief and will be allocated to 17 marginalized primary health centers in several regions as well as main teaching hospitals.

Distribution will begin today with the first deliveries to the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

It will also be distributed to Ain w Zain, the Chouf Clinics, and Baissour, an Aley NGO in the Chouf area and to the following centers:

  • In coordination with Ajialounaa, supplies will be going to the Tripoli Governmental Hospital, Halaba Hospital in Akkar, and Seer Edounieh CHC.
  • In the Metn, supplies are scheduled for Baabda Governmental Hospital and the Keserwan Clinics.
  • Recipients in the Bekaa included Kherbet Kanafar Public Hospital, Bekaa Al Gharbi, and the Deir El Ahmar Hospital in Baalbek.
  • The Beirut area distribution will be to Rizk Hospital at the LAU Medical Center; Al Makassed General, Baytna Baytak Clinic, the Lebanese Progress School, Mraijeh, and the Internal Security Forces.

  • Sawt Beirut International