| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

“The world is stepping forward while we are still stumbling over our misfortunes, and the cause is known,” says Aoudeh

Beirut’s Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop Elias Aoudeh criticized today the Lebanese politicians and members of parliament for turning a blind eye towards the people’s interests, remaining asleep in their ministries and departments and waking up only to tend to their own personal affairs, their feuds, their benefits, and the interests of their circle of aids and friends.

“As for the people’s interests, they are left to God,” the Archbishop said in his homily, as he presided over Sunday Mass at St. George’s Cathedral in downtown Beirut this morning.

He referred to the wide-spread corruption and the scandals and thefts in various areas of the state and its departments, in the absence of any serious penal measures against the perpetrators, thus allowing chaos to prevail in our state departments.

“The world has taken steps forward, but we are still faltering in our misfortunes, and the cause is known,” Aoudeh added regretfully.

He concluded by praying to the Lord Almighty to salvage this country and its people, saying: “May we turn our hearts to God, the only Savior, hoping that He will pour out on us the grace of the Holy Spirit…and deliver us from the flames of what we are witnessing.”

  • NNA