| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Tourism Minister from Tyre: The ministry has a tourist guideline for Lebanon

Within his tours of the Lebanese regions, the Minister of Tourism, Eng. Walid Nassar, toured the city of Tyre, where he started it with a meeting in the municipality in the presence of Representative Enaya Ezz El-Din, Mayor of Tyre Muhammad Jaffal, President of the Union of Tire Municipalities and the President of Tyre Municipality, Eng. Hassan Dabouq, members of the Municipal Council and city activities , in addition to the heads of departments and departments in the Ministry of Tourism, Georges Nour and Philippe Tabet and representatives of the private sector.

Nassar, accompanied by Dabouq and the accompanying delegation, visited the Office of the Ministry of Tourism and launched the QR-Code campaign for the city of Tyre, as part of the tourism administrative decentralization plan. , then he moved to visit the beach of the Sur reserve, and the new office of the Ministry of Tourism in the rest house of Tyre, where he inspected the ongoing business of the company operating it as a result of the fire that broke out in it.

Speaking during his tour, Nassar said: “The Ministry of Tourism is working on preparing a comprehensive tourism guideline for Lebanon in cooperation with the private sector and tourism unions today.

The aim of today’s tour in Tyre, and of the tours we are all taking, is to be on the side of the municipalities and the private sector, to see their requirements, within the work of the ministry’s program to develop it.”

He continued: “In fact, the city of Tyre speaks for itself, and we are working on developing the program in the ministry, and we will define specialized committees in each region, in coordination with the private sector, and the most important thing is to develop an action plan to advance tourism in Tyre and in all regions. A common link that links them, especially in terms of culture, archeology and history, because they are a symbol of coexistence, civilization and cultures, and it is our duty in the ministry to put our potentials in developing tourism among these Cultural heritage cities knowing that with Lebanon’s accession to the EPA to join the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme on behalf of the Republic of Lebanon on January 1, 2022, and to formalize our affiliation with “La Rotta Dei Fenici”, which means The Phoenician path extending in a number of countries.

He added, “We have a great and joint work in the ministry on the tourism level with the ministries of environment, culture, youth and sports, and this tour is a preliminary and preliminary tour and will be followed by other visits in the future.”

Nassar considered that the city of Tire is a city rich in its archaeological monuments and its tourist facilities, and it is a city that reflects the culture of Lebanon, which is Lebanon in miniature. That motivates us to give with sincerity and sacrifice.”

Nassar concluded by pointing out that Lebanon is a ravaged country, and we must work to restore financial and economic health in it, and our private sector is a creative, productive and patriotic sector. Regardless of all political differences, we must all gather at one table in order to develop Lebanon.

There was also a welcoming speech for the mayor, Dabouq, and an explanation of the city, its history, and its tourist, cultural and religious attractions. He welcomed Minister Nassar and the accompanying delegation, stressing the cooperation between Tire Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism for the good of the city.

There was also a speech by MP Ezz El-Din, during which she briefed Nassar on the concerns and anxieties of the forgotten city, which is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Lebanon and on the Mediterranean basin.

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