| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Tourism Police closes 9 touristic institutions with red wax

The Tourism Police affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism wrote 18 seizure reports in the past two days against violating tourist establishments, and closed 9 of them with red wax.

The department indicated in a statement that “the outcome of the records in the last two weeks reached 86 seizure records, including 15 seals with red wax, so that the health of the citizen and the health security of our society remains a priority for us and cannot be tolerated or underestimated.”

The statement also mentioned that, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and based on the decision issued by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities under No. 1415 dated 12/16/2021, “the Tourism Police will support the Internal Security Forces in other sectors, and all the security agencies concerned with this matter, with strictness exceptionally, this evening, and the closure of any violating institution, as the institution will be exposed to the evacuation of the pioneers from it in the event of a violation of the decisions of the Committee to Follow up on Preventive Measures for the Corona Virus.”

The Tourism Police asked citizens to abide by the preventive measures and standards in order to preserve their health and the health of their community, noting that the ministry will soon publish a list of all the violating touristic institutions.

In addition, the ministry wished, all Lebanese, citizens and tourists in Lebanon, “glorious holidays, and that God blesses everyone with health, peace of mind and stability in the new year.”

  • Sawt Beirut International