| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

Traffic measures for the two marathons and half marathon at Beirut Port tomorrow

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication:

Tomorrow morning, Sunday March 28-2021, on the western route of the sea road (Al-Mirfa-Al-Manara), a marathon and a half marathon in the Port of Beirut will be held, in solidarity with the martyrs and victims of the port explosion.

The two races start at seven o’clock in the morning from the port of Beirut (the starting point) towards the Charles Helou station, and turn right to the sea road towards Charles Helou Road, Prince Majid Arslan Street, General de Gaulle Street, passing in front of the four season hotel, then towards the Saint George Hotel. Towards Ain Mreisseh Corniche via the sea road, reaching in front of the Central Military Club, then the amusement park in Al-Manara locality, and then  returning by the same path towards Beirut Port (arrival point)

Therefore, from 4:30 in the morning until the eleventh hour of the aforementioned date, traffic will be prohibited on the western lane (from Ain Mreisseh to the theme park), provided that the other lane remains passable in front of traffic. Traffic will also be banned through all the branches leading to the race track, and traffic will be diverted from the last run of the Phenicia Hotel, so on the next walk from the Murr Tower towards St. George, turn and return up towards the Murr Tower or into the Venice Tunnel.

Therefore, honorable citizens are kindly requested to take note and adhere to the directives and instructions of Internal Security Forces, and to the traffic signs placed on the roads, in order to preserve the safety of the contestants and to facilitate the movement of traffic.