| 22 October 2021, Friday |

Tripoli and Port Development Association: “To control generators’ fictional bills.”

Tripoli and Port Development Association called on “the government in general and the Ministry of Economy in particular, to move quickly and control the generators’ fictional bill , which has become equivalent to an employee’s sallary, especially since this matter has become a heavy burden on people who also suffer from the exorbitant price of foodstuffs and others.”
“Where are the meters that were adopted for only a period, have it vanished while chaos pervades most of the regions?” The Association asked.
It also called upon”those concerned to be strict in this matter, given its importance, and the heavy pressure it places on the citizen, as he cannot bear, and increase his daily, life and living suffering.”
Sressing “the need to address this matter quickly, stop random bills, and find a practical and applicable formula in order to unify the bill in all regions.”