| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Two army helicopters started extinguishing North’s fire this morning

Two Lebanese Army’s helicopters, have started as of six o’clock this morning, their flights to extinguish the fire, after a water pond was installed in one of the fields near the site of the fire.

fires were out of control in the area of ​​Jabal Akrom on the northeastern border with Syria, as it expanded significantly at night in the locality of Qurnat al-Dibeh, and approached orchards, agricultural fields and some homes, where residents evacuated the premises fearing of wind’s change in direction to reach their properties.

The people appealed to the concerned authorities for a quick help, and to dispatch fire engines, some of which came to the area where a large number of people from the area were helping as volunteers, to extinguish the fire and limit its progress towards the houses.

Members of the Lebanese Red Cross rescued one of the volunteers, who suffocated due to smoke inhalation. He was then transferred to a hospital for treatment.