| 16 June 2024, Sunday |

Two reporters, third person killed in rocket strike near Lebanon-Israel border — state media

The Lebanese state news agency reported that near Lebanon’s border with Israel on Tuesday, a rocket strike resulted in the deaths of two journalists employed by a Lebanon-based TV channel and another individual.
The agency said the incident took place near the town of Tir Harfa, about a mile from the Israeli frontier.
Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV, which the two killed reporters were working for, said Israel had carried out the attack and deliberately targeted the journalists.
Israel’s military did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Fighting between Israel and Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah broke out after Hezbollah’s Palestinian ally Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Oct. 7.
The border violence has escalated, raising Western fears of a widening war in the Middle East that could draw in both the United States and Iran.
It is the worst violence at the border since Israel and Hezbollah fought a war in 2006 and has so far killed more than 70 Hezbollah fighters, 13 Lebanese civilians, seven Israeli troops and three Israeli civilians

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