| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Two shot dead outside nightclub in southern Lebanon

Two people were killed at dawn on Wednesday as they were leaving a nightclub in the Jezzine town of Mjaydel, security sources reported.

“The victims, identified as Mohamad Ammar and Ibrahim Abdullah, were leaving a nightclub located at the entrance of the town and were in a BMW car when someone opened fire at them with a pump-action rifle,” the sources said.

The suspected killer is reportedly a soldier, identified by his initials as Kh.Kh., the sources said, adding that he handed himself over to the Lebanese army but the reason for the murder is yet to be revealed.

Members of the Lebanese Armed Forces’ Intelligence branch and the Information branch launched an investigation into the incident and inspected the car which windshield appeared shattered with blood stains on the ground.

The two victims’ bodies were taken to the Sidon Governmental Hospital.