| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

UN: A transparent, impartial probe required for Beirut Port disaster

Ms. Joanna Wronecka, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, and UNIFIL Force Commander Stefano Del Col today briefed the UN Security Council on the implementation of Resolution 1701, based on the latest report of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Focusing on the recent developments in Lebanon, Ms. Wronecka highlighted the country’s multiple and accumulating socio-economic, financial and political difficulties and their impact on the people.

Reiterating the UN’s calls for the formation of a fully empowered government that can put the country on the path to recovery, the Special Coordinator said: “The United Nations is doing what it can to mitigate the situation, but ultimately the responsibility for salvaging Lebanon lies in the hands of Lebanon’s leaders.”

Discussions at the Security Council also highlighted the importance of holding free and fair elections in 2022 within the constitutional timelines, as a key marker of democratic accountability and an opportunity for the people to articulate their grievances and aspirations.

With the first annual commemoration of the tragic 4 August Beirut Port explosion less than two weeks away, Ms. Wronecka repeated the Secretary-General’s calls for an impartial, thorough and transparent investigation. “The families of the victims and thousands whose lives have been changed forever by that terrible blast are still waiting. They deserve justice and dignity,” she said.

Recalling the goal of Resolution 1701 to enhance Lebanon’s security, state authority and sovereignty, the Special Coordinator hoped for a real commitment for the implementation of that resolution in its entirety. She praised the role played by the Lebanese Armed Forces, in safeguarding the country’s security and stability, including its close cooperation with UNIFIL, and called for continued support to this key institution.

In conclusion, the Special Coordinator welcomed the international community’s continued readiness to help Lebanon.

  • NNA