| 3 February 2023, Friday |

UN worried about Lebanon’s fuel shortage

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Lebanon, Najat Rushdi, said that “fuel shortage threatens the provision of health services and basic water, putting thousands of families at risk.”

Rushdi expressed in a statement her immense concern about the “impact of the fuel crisis on access to health care and water supplies for millions of people in Lebanon” stressing that “the dire situation will worsen unless an immediate solution is reached.”

She emphasized that “restoring electricity from EDL, is very important to the Lebanese people, and the humanitarian workers who support them.” Saying that “the risks are simply too huge, everyone must work together to find a sustainable and equitable solution, that serves everyone’s needs and protects the communities’ health and safety.”

She also stressed “the readiness of the United Nations and partners to assist the inflicted population,” noting that “with the emergence of another wave of coronavirus infections, the fuel crisis could exacerbate the health situation, as the continuing shortage may affect the provision of life-saving treatments.”