| 4 March 2024, Monday |

UNIFIL: our patrol was hit by Israeli army fire near Aitaroun in southern Lebanon

“A UNIFIL patrol was hit by IDF gunfire in the vicinity of Aytaroun, in southern Lebanon, today at around 12 pm,” the UNIFIL said on the X platform.

“Just yesterday, UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander LTG Lazaro urged those exchanging fire along the Blue Line to halt this cycle of violence, strongly reminding everyone that any further escalation could have devastating consequences,” they continued to do.

“The vehicle sustained damage, but no peacekeepers were hurt. Along the Blue Line, there was a brief period of relative calm when this occurrence happened, they continued.

“This attack on peacekeepers is quite concerning since they are tasked with lowering tensions and reestablishing stability in south Lebanon. We denounce this action and emphasize that the parties must protect peacekeepers, avoiding needless dangers to those attempting to establish

  • NNA