| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Union Coordination Committee to postpone its strike until September 8

The Union Coordination Committee announced in a statement the postponement of the sit-in scheduled for Tuesday, September 7 to Wednesday September 8 at 11 am in front of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, due to national mourning.

The committee reiterated its calls “for all colleagues, directors of secondary schools, public and private schools, schools and vocational institutes, and all teachers and professors, to participate massively in the sit-in on Wednesday and not to go to schools. “The decision is clear and we are not afraid of accountability in order to preserve our rights. Our destination will be the Ministry of Education, so that our voice reaches the officials and awakens their consciences.”

The Union also mourned Imam Sheikh Abdul-Amir Qabalan, considering that “with his death, Lebanon has lost a national, leadership and spiritual stature, a great scholar and a moderate sign who dedicated his life to serving the people and the country, and was distinguished by the call for convergence, dialogue and coexistence.” Shiite Islam in particular.

The union offered deepest condolences from the Lebanese and his family.

  • Sawt Beirut International