| 15 April 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

Union of Bakeries Syndicates issues decision over the distribution of bread as of tomorrow

The Union of Bakeries Syndicates held a general assembly in the presence of the heads of syndicates from all Lebanese regions and scores of bakery owners.

According to a statement issued by the union, the attendees discussed “the results of the meetings and contacts that the concerned heads of syndicates made, which did not fulfill the demands of the sector in light of the new developments on the general economic situation and the sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar.”

The statement indicated that “the general assembly found that the Minister of Economy and Trade takes decisions related to the sector far from the opinion of the concerned syndicates, especially in terms of preparing a cost study, knowing that he meets with the heads of mills and makes his decisions to increase the price of flour without referring to the bakeries syndicates, especially since they submitted everything requested, such as invoices and documents in order to determine the price of the bundle, but the Minister considered that the documents and invoices were insufficient, as if he were trying to create an issue with the owners of bakeries.”

The general assembly highlighted “the last tariff that included an increase of 6 thousand Lebanese pounds per ton of flour for the owners of bakeries, with a US dollar exchange rate of 11,700 LBP, while its price on the black market was 12,050 LBP when the decision was issued in the evening, and the weight of the large bundle increased by 15 grams and 10 grams for the small bundle without referring to the relevant syndicates.”

The union stressed, “to the public opinion, that its goal is not to increase the price of a bundle of bread, and that it was and still is against any increase in prices, and that the economic conditions that the country is going through have affected all productive sectors, including the bakeries sector.”

As a result of the discussion, the general assembly stressed that “all demands must be discussed with the Minister of Economy and Trade, as well as to stop the distribution of bread and to restrict their sale to bakeries as of tomorrow, Friday, April 9, until further notice.”