| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

US hopes Gaza truce brings ‘full pause’ in Israel-Lebanon border clashes

A senior US official mentioned on Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s administration is optimistic that a ceasefire in Gaza could pave the way for a complete cessation of hostilities along the Israel-Lebanon border.
“We also hope that this (agreed four-day truce between Israel and Hamas) will lead to a full pause in some of the hostilities in the north, on the Lebanese border,” the US official said on condition of anonymity.
Earlier it was announced Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day truce that would see the Palestinian group release dozens of hostages taken on October 7, both sides announced Wednesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet approved the accord after a near-all-night meeting, in which he told reticent ministers this was a “difficult decision but it’s a right decision.”

A government spokesman told AFP that under the agreement at least 50 Israeli and foreign hostages would be released — women and children — in return for a four-day “lull” in military operations.

  • alarabiya