| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

US sanctions against Lebanese MP and two businessmen

The US authorities announced imposing sanctions against two Lebanese businessmen and a member of the Lebanese Parliament for undermining the rule of law.
The US Treasury stated that “both businessmen Jihad Al-Arab and Dany Khoury – who is close to the Free Patriotic Movement – and MP Jamil Al-Sayyid – nominated by Hezbollah – contributed to the collapse of good governance and the rule of law, and benefited from corruption in Lebanon, as they got rich at the expense of the Lebanese people and state institutions.” .
The ministry stressed in its statement, that the Lebanese deserve an end to the rampant corruption practiced by some businessmen and politicians, and that time has come, to implement economic reforms and put an end to corrupt practices.
The ministry warned that it would not hesitate to use its tools to address impunity, calling for the neccesity of holding political and commercial elites who benefit from economic corruption accountable.