| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Vaccine registration campaign has been launched in Jobbet Bcharreh

Vaccine registration campaign kicked off in the office of the deputies of Bcharreh, Setrida Geagea and Joseph Ishak, setting out the registration of the names of Jobbet Bcharreh region’s citizens, who are between the age group of 55 and 75 years, without exception, to receive the vaccine at Antoine El Khoury Malika Tawk Governmental Hospital in the near future, which MP Geagea, head of the Jabal Al-Arz Foundation, and MP Ishakc announced about it after the spread of the pandemic and after the emergence of some flaws in the implementation of the immunization and vaccination campaign that the state adopted across Lebanon.

The center’s official, Rene Al Najjar, and the head of the health file, Mirna Younan Al Chidiac, the mayor of Hasroun, engineer Gerard Al Samaani, and the center’s members made efforts to receive a flow of people who flocked to the office from all the villages and towns of the district, expressing their deepest thanks to the two deputies and the institution that works hard to bring assistance to them in various fields, especially when it comes to fighting the outbreak of the pandemic

  • Sawt Beirut International