| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Video for Oil Directorate employees withdrawing gasoline from Saker’s reservoir in Zahle

On Friday morning, and before issuing any judicial decision, the Oil Directorate raided Maroun Saker’s fuel reservoir in Zahle, which comprises 1.2 million, with the support of the security forces.

It was noted that the raid aimed to seize and withdraw the quantities and send them to Al-Zahrani, while it was believed that the goal was to examine these materials.

It is noteworthy that Maroun Saker was arrested yesterday upon an arrest warrant issued by Judge Amani Salameh. Legal sources indicated that Judge Salameh filed a complaint against Maroun Saker and Youssef Al-Sayed on the same charge.

When Saker’s attorneys submitted an appeal from the Indictment Division, his request was rejected, and the request of Al-Sayed, who was supported by the Future Movement, was accepted.

As for Ibrahim Saker, a session was set for his agents to present the formal defenses on September 30.

  • Sawt Beirut International