| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Wakim: Constitutional revolution achieved through fair parliamentary elections

Member of the Strong Republic bloc, Representative Imad Wakim, confirmed that a year is passing while the people are suffering and afraid of losing their homeland. As for the authority, which is the same that committed atrocities, is indifferent, and continues through the same approach, stressing that there is no solution left for all of us, except the revolution, the constitutional revolution.

Wakim added, during his visit at the head of a delegation from the strong republic of the Beirut, to the metropolitan Greek Orthodox bloc, Archbishop Elias Odeh in the Diocese’s House: “The constitutional revolution will be through fair parliamentary elections, accompanied by the awareness of the Lebanese voter, to overthrow the ruling majority, and rebuild the authority, so that Lebanon restores its full sovereignty and builds an administration, empty of corruption and clientelism, and lays out a comprehensive economic and financial revival plan to extricate us all from hell. We believe that our Lord Jesus, on the anniversary of his birth, will not leave Lebanon and its people, and as always ‘only what is rightous will prevail.”