| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

“We appreciate Beirut’s stance against the invasion on our country,” says Ukraine’s ambassador to Lebanon

Ukrainian Ambassador to Lebanon Ihor Ostash stressed that “the violence practiced by Russia against Ukraine is comprehensive and not limited,” describing the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin as “criminal.”

In a press conference from Beirut, Ostash pointed out that “no one expected the heroic steadfastness of the Ukrainian army against Russai’s military invasion on Ukraine.”

He added: “The Russian army is shelling civilian targets in Ukraine, including a kindergarten, gardens and ambulances. So far, 32 countries have closed their airspace to Russia.”

Ostash considered that “Putin’s era is nearing its end,” noting that the latter “will pay the price for everything he does in Ukraine, which was able to remove the myth of the great Russian army.”

Ostash also pointed out that “nuclear security in Europe has become in danger after the Russian army occupied the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant,” and added, “Putin has a private army that carries out major criminal operations.”

Nevertheless, Ostash valued the statement issued by the Lebanese Foreign Ministry condemning the Russian war in Ukraine, expressing his “thanks to the Lebanese people who have stood by and supported Ukraine since the start of the war.”

He said: “We are receiving many messages from Lebanese expressing their direct support for the Ukrainian people. Since my arrival in Lebanon, I have felt to what extent the Lebanese people love and sanctify the cause, so you must understand us and know that we are fighting for our cause.”

Ostash concluded: “Soon Ukraine’s aspirations to join the European Union will be achieved, and European countries have come to know that Ukraine is defending all of Europe.”

  • Sawt Beirut International