| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

“We are being attacked from well-known parties, but the game is in its final stage”, says President Aoun

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that “What is happening today in the financial issue aims to burden depositors with the burdens of others’ mistakes, and this is unacceptable. We are working hard to prevent it from happening, especially since all the promises circulated in this field are incorrect”.

President Aoun also affirmed that “It is impossible for the one who betrayed the country to fix the situation. Whoever brought us to where we are today cannot be the righteous responsible for correcting things and finding solutions after mistakes he committed”.

“When we demand the Central Bank’s governorship to give the information required to complete the forensic audit, we are attacked by well-known parties that do not want the investigation to reach clear results and to hold responsible those who brought the financial and banking situation to the painful reality in which citizens live and the daily suffering of not getting their rights nor their food” the President said.

“This game is in its final stage, and the matter of each responsible for this great catastrophe will be revealed” the President emphasized.

President Aoun’s positions came while meeting a delegation from the newly elected Office of the Notary Public in Lebanon and from the Administrative Committee of the Mutual and Pension Fund.

The delegation was headed by the head of the Council’s office, Mr. Naji Al-Khazen, who delivered a speech at the beginning of the meeting in which he highlighted the importance of the work of notaries in Lebanon.

El-Khazen also tackled the affairs of the profession, especially after the completion of the third elections for the Council of Notaries Public, pointing out that “The council was established in 2014 as a result of the struggle of notaries public to establish a representative body that expresses their opinion and ideas and works to develop, protect and fortify the profession”.

“President Aoun was one of the most important supporters at the time of the draft law related to the establishment of this council” El-Khazen added.

El-Khazen also talked about the council’s tasks specified in the law, including on the internal level, ensuring the care of the profession’s affairs and its fortification, the good performance of the notaries public and their tasks, and expressing opinion and submitting proposals on all draft laws and decrees related to organizing the profession of notaries, in addition to the tasks on the external level.

El-Khazen pointed out that  “The council was a necessary need for Lebanon in terms of joining the International Federation of Notaries Public, which now includes more than 90 countries around the world, which gave Lebanon a presence and a position at the international level, and opened an avenue for improving professional relations through the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the councils of notaries public members of the International Federation”.

El-Khazen then discussed the French interest in developing the tasks of notaries public in Lebanon to conform to international standards, and developing work through the use of modern means in the service of judicial and administrative work, through electronic linkage and electronic signature, i.e. what is known as the official contract through electronic communication.

On the other hand, El-Khazen stressed that the creation of centers for notaries public must be carried out according to an objective study, and be filled through a match that takes into account the standards of competence, as is happening now.

Moreover, El-Khazen pointed out that the notary public is in contact with various economic sectors and their activities to secure legal guarantees and what is known as redressing conflicts between individuals, indicating that the notary public is in need of the support and care of the state and the Ministry of Justice in many matters, especially with regard to the Mutual Fund and Retirement, which secures the pension and the right to hospitalization for notaries.

In light of the economic crisis that affected the salaries of notaries public, especially the retired ones, El-Khazen wished to intervene with the Banque du Liban and those concerned with the banks to free the assets in the banks from the funds affiliated with the Notaries Council, most of which are marked for medical services, calling for financial support from the government for this fund, “Which has become in need of special attention after  to become threatened”.


  • Sawt Beirut International