| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

“We are in greatest need of resigned MPs’ vote on lifting immunities,” says Geagea

The Lebanese Forces Party’s Leader, Samir Geagea has held a meeting today in light of national developments regarding Beirut Port Blast investigations, formation of government and several other issues. During his speech, Geagea confirmed: “We, as Strong Republic Bloc, are confident that no reform or improvement will be achieved as long as Michel Aoun, Hezbollah, and allies are in power. During parliamentary deliberations that will be held on Monday, we will not name anyone. There is currently no other option than to have early legislative elections.”

On the other hand, Geagea believes that the Caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, who claims, “You held me responsible for 30 years,” has done more damage to the country than his predecessors, and that the deepening of the crises is due to the “ambiguity” that controls the caretaker government, which is a crime.

“Beirut Port Blast is a double crime. First, the explosion, second, the methods adopted during investigations in the blast,” Geagea stated after a bloc meeting in Maarab. The petition submitted in Parliament, stipulating the prosecution of some deputies before the Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers, is described as “the biggest fraud operation,” with the Supreme Council “legally present in Lebanon for nearly 100 years, but when was it held?”

“We’ve heard of threats against the Judicial Investigator, which is regrettable, and there’s a clear attempt to hinder the investigation, which started with Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and continues with others,” Geagea affirmed.

LF Leader Geagea announced that “in the event that the Judicial Investigator is prevented from performing his duties, we will have to resort to international investigation with the aim of lifting immunities,” expressing his regret “for the absence of resigned MPs, as we need every vote, especially in this dilemma of lifting immunities.”

In response to the head of the Marada movement, Sleiman Franjieh’s statements made during his visit to Diman : The ministers were previously notified of reports from experts that nitrates are an explosive and dangerous material. We’ll keep track of the fight to lift immunity until accomplished.”

“Why hasn’t an official meeting been held to decide on this subject till present?” Geagea concludes.

  • Sawt Beirut International