| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

“We expect a new President who will carry on the road plan that we have established,” says President Aoun

The President of the Republic Michel Aoun hoped on Saturday that “the new deputies will do their full work in terms of monitoring the government tasks, implementing the necessary legislation to put Lebanon on the path of recovery, and electing a new president of the republic who will complete the road map that we have set and that will end the difficult situation we are living in.”

In an interview with Qatar News Agency, Aoun considered that “solving the economic crisis requires a comprehensive reform program and achieving economic and financial stability by establishing effective policies, rebuilding confidence, supporting all parties and recognizing losses in the financial system.”

“There are perpetrators, but they receive protection from influential people, and I will work during the remainder of my presidential term to achieve what I have called for,” Aoun added.

“Despite the great differences of opinion among the Lebanese, they agreed that the security factor is the main common denominator for the survival of the country and the preservation of its identity, otherwise they will all lose,” Aoun declared.

“Lebanon is in the process of moving actively and intensively internationally in order to raise the issue of Syrian displacement, and we will not accept the threat of Lebanon’s fate to please anyone, and we will have a unified position that we hold in more than one regional and international forum,” he explained.

“The Israeli understands that its loss will be tremendous if it strikes Lebanon, knowing that Lebanon is dedicated to international conventions, and it has proceeded from refusing to give up its right to oil and gas and refusing to normalize with Israel even via the sharing of oil fields,” he warned.


  • Sawt Beirut International