| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

“We want a lawful state, not a lawless state,” Kouyoumjian affirms

Former Minister Richard Kouyoumjian, the Head of Lebanese Forces’ International Relations Department, tweeted: “Freedom now belongs to the people of Ain El-Remmaneh. We want a lawful state, not a lawless state.”

A number of families of detainees from the Ain El-Remmaneh neighborhood gathered in solidarity with them in front of the military court yesterday to protest their sons’ continuing detention in the aftermath of the Tayouneh incidents, which resulted in the deaths of seven people.

Some store owners in Ain El-Remmaneh shut their doors this morning, Monday, in protest of the arrests.

For his part, Antoine Saad, the lawyer for the detainees in Ain Al-Remmaneh, said: “We do not want Ain al-Remmaneh to be a new “Saydet el Najet”.

It’s worth remembering that the area outside Beirut’s Palace of Justice was previously tense, when members of Hezbollah and the Amal organization assembled for a sit-in against Tarek Bitar, the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion, amid heavy gunfire.

  • Sawt Beirut International