| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Weather forecast for the upcoming days

Mild weather dominating over Lebanon with a limited rise in temperatures and a sunny to partly cloudy atmosphere with the formation of fog on the mountains, while the weather will turn into  normal hot starting tomorrow, Friday.

Details of today’s weather:

The coastal temperature ranges between 20 and 29 degrees, in Bekaa between 12 and 31 degrees, and at 1000 m, between 14 and 23 degrees
. Weather: It starts with little clouds, to transform later into fogs covering the mountains
. Winds are southwesterly moderate at times 20-40 km/h
. Coastal Surface humidity is 80%
Atmospheric pressure drops at 1013 hpa
. Visibility is good, worsens in the mountains due to fog
. The sea is medium wave and the surface water temperature is 25 degrees.

As for the next two days’ weather forecast :

Friday: Temperatures begin to rise, ranging between 23 and 30 degrees on the coast, atmosphere is cloudy, with fog forming on the mountains, while the winds are westerly weak, 20-30 km / h.

Saturday: An additional rise in temperatures which ranges between 23 and 31 degrees on the coast, and touches 35 degrees in Bekaa and 29 degrees at the 1000 meters, the atmosphere is low in clouds with the formation of light fog on the mountains, while the winds are westerly weak at 20-30 km / h.