| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Weather: Heavy rain, snow expected in the upcoming days

Father Elie Khneisser, a meteorologist, said on his Facebook page that a giant, high-efficiency air depression hit Greece today, Sunday, with torrential rains, and is gradually heading towards the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, and its impact will begin on Lebanon and the coast of Syria as of Monday noon, and its impact will remain.

Over the region for several days, because of the wet masses that dominate the Mediterranean, which will feed the Syrian and Lebanese territorial waters with moisture, increasing the percentage of precipitation over the coast and the western mountains, as a first degree.

He added: “The situation is accompanied by a cold polar descent at the 700 hpa layer, which is equivalent to an altitude of 3000 meters, and the temperatures drop to touch -2, which leads to snow falling on the mountains above 2,600 meters, and the weather will turn to cold during the next week.”

Today’s weather, Sunday: Sunny and clear with a slight rise in temperatures due to easterly winds that turn to southwesterly on Monday morning, so that the impact of the air depression begins on Lebanon at noon, which will be concentrated over the regional waters significantly, so that it will be heavy rain on the coast, south and western mountains, and it will be fraught with thunderstorms, lightning strikes and hail, especially between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

The temperature drops significantly on Tuesday, and snow falls on the tops of the mountains, which are 2,600 meters high. Rain continues locally on Wednesday, as the winds turn to the east.

The rate of thunderstorms between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning reaches 80%.

The temperature on the coast on Sunday: 26 in the day and 21 at night ‎
In the Bekaa: 23 during the day and 11 at night
On the mountains 1200 meters: 22 day and 10 night

On the mountains 2000 meters: 13 during the day and 6 at night

Wind: Weak easterly, between 5 and 15 km per hour

Atmospheric pressure: 1016hp

Humidity: 70%

Sea condition: low waves, water temperature 27 degrees.


  • NNA