| 27 November 2022, Sunday |

“We’ve reached a point of tremendous inflation, no need to panic,” says Mikati

From the headquarters of the General Labor Union, Prime Minister Najib Mikati stated, “We realize the situation is really difficult, and we are all persevering and striving to grant people their right within the possible means.”

“We have reached a stage of tremendous inflation as a result of the accumulation and policy of support,” Mikati explained, “and within a year a large amount of funds was spent, and we are no longer able to continue with the subsidies.”

“The most important thing is the social issue, which is my top priority, and next week we will begin registering the most needy families, and 250 million dollars will be given to the families, and I am following up on this matter with the Minister of Social Affairs, and there will be no preference for one person over another,” he added.

He added that during my conversation with President Michel Aoun today, I informed him that I would hold a cabinet meeting shortly and that things will return to normal.

Regarding transportation issue, Mikati noted that there is a plan by the Minister of Public Works and Transport that was presented to us and to the representative of the World Bank, and he has allocated a sum of money for this matter, and we will start it quickly.

Regarding medicines, Mikati said, “We previously agreed to continue providing subsides for chronic and cancer medicines, but they were lost from the market, and today we will continue to work so that every citizen enjoys his right, and the care centers are ready to provide medicines for free.”

He concluded: “Your concern is our concern” and we are not far from the people, and there was a consensus that we cannot continue like this, and “the good of the citizen is increased that the enemy has not exploded,” nor for panic over the issue of privatization, and the time is not appropriate to think of selling any assets to the state.

  • Sawt Beirut International