| 1 March 2024, Friday |

When are Media Professionals getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

“We have already sent a letter to the Ministry of Health that included a mechanism for classifying Media Professionals into categories according to the criteria set by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, in cooperation with relevant media agencies, dividing first those who are more exposed to risk because of the nature of their work on field, such as reporters, from others whose work requires attendance at the Media Center and from those that are not included in these categories”, affirmed the Ministry of Information in a statement.

The Ministry of Information would appreciate it if Media Professionals would “wait for an official statement issued by the Ministries of Information and Health to be informed of the exact dates for receiving the vaccine,” and indicated that they “are on constant coordination and do respect transparency, objectivity and fairness in the distribution of the vaccine, noting that they are keen on the Media Professionals and others in order to ensure their own safety.”

  • Lebanese National News Agency