| 8 December 2023, Friday |

White House welcomes restoration of ties between Bahrain, Lebanon

On Tuesday, the White House expressed its appreciation for Bahrain’s decision to reinstate diplomatic relations with Lebanon. Bahrain had previously severed ties with Beirut following remarks made by Lebanon’s former information minister.
Over the weekend, Bahrain said it would restore full diplomatic relations with Lebanon after cutting off ties due to the minister’s remarks.
“The United States welcomes the restoration of diplomatic ties between Bahrain and Lebanon—an important step forward to advance our shared vision of a more integrated, stable, and prosperous Middle East,” Acting White House National Security Council Spokesman Adam Hodge said.
Saudi Arabia first recalled its diplomats in 2021 after a former minister, George Kordahi, criticized Riyadh for its role in the Yemen war.
Several Gulf countries followed suit after Kordahi, a Christian whose political party is backed by Hezbollah, made his remarks.
Kordahi resigned after initially refusing to do so, but a political and diplomatic spat with Gulf countries continued.
Bahrain’s foreign ministry had also been upset with Lebanon for allowing a press conference hosted by individuals designated by Manama as sponsors or supporters of terrorism.

  • alarabiya