| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Who will Lebanese Forces name for prime ministry?

Member of the Strong Republic bloc, MP Fadi Saad, confirmed today, Monday, that “the Strong Republic bloc is holding continuous meetings to take a decision regarding the naming of a prime president to be designated for forming a government.”

He declared via a radio interview that “the most likely is the bloc’s tendency not to name anyone in light of this ruling majority’s presence, refusing, in return, to pre-empt parliamentary consultations.”

Saad stressed, “it is important not to delude people that the problem was “the name” of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, for the problem lies in the ruling majority,” noting that “Hariri would have been able to do the task if they had let him form a government of independent and honest specialists.”

Saad concluded  “in case they are looking for a President Hassan Diab’s model, this means that there is no intention of carrying out reforms and stopping  the deterioration,” warning against choosing “a prime minister who implements the demands of the ruling majority and turns a blind eye to smuggling.”