| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Will Lebanon follow other countries’ pace and witness a third wave of Covid -19?

Director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Dr. Firas Abyad, tweeted: “Will Lebanon witness a third “Covid-19” wave, as is happening in other countries?  We can all work today and tomorrow, to mitigate the consequences of a future mutation through vaccination and increasing the immunity rate in our community.

He added, “Every effort we make now will save lives and preserve jobs in the near future. let’s go”.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health organizes  the third Pfizer Marathon campaign, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13, 2021, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., “in conformity with the plan set by the Executive Committee for the Vaccine,” for people aged 55 and up, as well as persons with disabilities aged less than 55, in all Lebanese regions.