| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Will queuing density at gas stations decrease soon?

Member of the Syndicate of gas  Station Owners, Dr. Georges Brax announced in a statement, that a large number of stations that were closed last week, opened their doors and resumed delivering  gasoline to customers, after being resupplied, pointing out that “this scene will continue in succession and we will notice gradual breakthroughs and a decrease in queues at stations.

He said: “These queues will not disappear completely, because of the huge number of cars whose owners are engaged in the black market, and who have become the backbone of queues, to fill gasoline in their cars or motorcycles, withdraw them and sell them at high prices.”

Brax pointed out that “a joint security room has been formed, centered in the Saraya, to combat the illegal fuel trade. Everyone should remember that monopoly, smuggling, black market, selling gallons on the sidewalks and tampering with meters are illegal acts, and combating them requires arresting the perpetrators.

He criticized “the imposition on the stations that open daily, to sell their entire stock immediately upon receiving it, forcing them to close for several days until they receive the gasoline again,  and leave their customers to fend for themselves,” considering that “this matter encourages the black market and unintentionally feeds it.”

Brax concluded: “The owner of the station, which opens every day for several hours, knows how to manage his stock to protect his customers, and continue to provide gasoline to citizens without interruption.”