| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Will the price of gasoline reach 500,000 LBP?

The head of the grouping of oil importing companies, Maroun Shammas, confirmed that there is no major problem with gasoline, expecting that the price of the canister will not reach 500,000 pounds as long as the dollar is fixed at 20 thousand pounds.

In an interview with MTV, he indicated that there is a shortage of diesel fuel in Lebanon, but energy security is not in danger.

In the morning, the price of gasoline 95 and 97 octane increased by 28,000 pounds, the price of diesel rose 41,000 pounds, and the price of gas 15,000 pounds.

The prices became as follows:

  • 95 octane gas can: 397,000 pounds
  • Gasoline canister 98 octane: 407000 pounds
  • Diesel: 375,000 pounds
  • Gas: 28800 pounds.

  • Sawt Beirut International