| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

100,000 fighters with “Hezbollah” for dual goals

Yesterday, the Secretary-General of “Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah gave a quiet speech that lasted 40 minutes to talk about Islamic unity and he missed, or omitted, his accusation for the “Lebanese Forces” of the Tayouneh events, despite the high ceiling he adopted few days ago with the aim of exciting his audience due to the results of “ removing Al-Bitar” demonstrations, according to an informed source for “Sawt Beirut International”.

The source added that what happened in Chiyah and Ain al-Rummaneh was a surprise to everyone and caused confusion, everyone was trying to get out of. This is what Nasrallah prompted to attack the Lebanese Forces party and the Lebanese army. Although he threw accusations casually, he returned to the “truce speech”, and perhaps the most prominent topic was him converting the 100,000 fighters, with which he threatened the Lebanese interior with, towards the Israeli enemy.

The source believes that the change in the tone and content of Nasrallah’s speech resulted from the evaluation of the effects of his previous speech, which had a negative impact on his party internally, with scoring a goal against its own ally, the “Free Patriotic Movement”, causing great losses. Externally, he lost what remained of his support as a “defender and resister” for the sake of the Palestinian cause and the liberation of Lebanese lands, and turned into a liberator of Lebanese lands from its own citizens.

Perhaps the appearance of the head of the “Lebanese Forces Party” Samir Geagea in one of the television programs, in which he distanced himself from sectarianism, focusing on the Lebanese state and its authority. He did not awaken people’s memory of the “Christian resistance.” Rather, his response was limited to the assertion that the confrontation is between the Iranian hegemony project represented by a section of the Shiite community over Lebanon, and the Lebanese adherence to the state project. He did not slip into what the Secretary General of Hezbollah wanted.

This prompted the latter to come out in front of the public, who gathered for the first time after a long absence, in which he spoke about the meaning of the celebration of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday. He only praised the seriousness of the judicial investigation into the events of Tayouneh, concluding with his assertion not to interfere in the issue of demarcation of the maritime borders, but he warned of the exposure of Lebanon’s oil to danger.

  • Sawt Beirut International