| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

A diplomatic source: The sanctions against Hezbollah will continue … for this reason

When the new US administration took a decision to cancel the sanctions imposed on the Houthis with the exception of their leaders, observers stopped at the idea of the possibility that the Americans will follow the same path with “Hezbollah”, on the grounds that it is not possible to know what will happen in the upcoming US-Iranian negotiation, and everything in politics is possible. And that the great country can change its mind and no one should hold it accountable.

However, according to what diplomatic sources reveal in the American capital, to “Voice of Beirut International,” the new administration will not change the US stance towards Hezbollah. And the previous US policy will continue, and the administration of President Joe Biden will follow. This is because the American president cannot override the American consensus about him. Decisions about the party are issued by laws, and the administration must implement it. As the majority that stands with Biden in the House of Representatives and the Senate is small, while the actual majority that supports not tolerating “Hezbollah” is the strongest and is among the Republicans and Democrats.

Noting that the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, with the vote of the Vice President who determines the vote in case of a tie in the two chambers. All democrats regarding Iran are with this approach. And if the President wants to take any step in the matter of “Hezbollah”, it must be justified, but its occurrence seems impossible even in the House of Representatives, as he has little votes.

None of the American officials expects Biden to lift the sanctions against “Hezbollah” as they were lifted on the Houthis. Because in a comparison between the sanctions against both the Hezbollah and the Houthis, it becomes clear that the sanctions imposed on “Hezbollah” are long-standing, and they are manifold. And it is done through laws, and the law can only be repealed by a new law. It is also related to regional issues. If the problems with Iran are solved, then the discussion of the issue of “Hezbollah” will begin. Consequently, they are sanctions that require a long time to be resolved and discussed in the context of specific political climate.

Sanctions against the Houthis, were imposed since the 1990s, they are considered new. As for those imposed on “Hezbollah”, they are imposed by the United States and other countries, and they come within the framework of a number of the laws of these countries. They also affected the party as a party and the party as persons. It is very complicated and very involved in the laws of countries. And any amendment in it in the superpower must pass by Congress. And it is not easy, like the sanctions against the Houthis, which were taken only with the signature of the American president. And every president who takes power can cancel it, if he wants to show good faith that he wants to end the Yemen war.

Sanctions against the party will be resolved through major international-regional agreements, and this cannot be done overnight. It has been effective for decades and has been included under a number of laws, and every law has its titles, legal principles, and conditions to be lifted. And it is not entrusted merely to the President decision or the White House , it is enlisted within the laws, including what is decided in the courts, and this is different from the presidential decision. The sources indicate that the US-Iranian negotiation will deal with Hezbollah at a later stage in the negotiations between the two parties, which will be open to several tracks.